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Monica Rial, Alexis Tipton and Christopher Smith at AWC

AnimeWorld Chicago is proud to welcome industry guests Alexis Tipton, Christopher Smith and Monica Rial to a great weekend here in Rosemont, Illinois.

AnimeWorld at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio!!

Hey there AnimeWorld fans! Members of our team recently went to Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio to promote our three AnimeWorld conventions and BOY was it fun! If you haven’t heard of this convention and live in the Midwest area (or ever have the option of going) it might be worth your while to check it out! Ohayocon is always held at the end of January, so it is a GREAT start to your convention year. The con site is huge with ample places to meet up with fellow cosplayers and the convention itself always offers a large variety of panels and events.


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