Game Rooms, AnimeWorld Idol, Tournaments and more to be found at AnimeWorld Chicago!

Ready for some hardcore games and fun at AnimeWorld Chicago? AWE Insider has put together a list of descriptions of the various (mostly) gaming-related events that you can find at the convention in Chicago this year!

  • Two Free Gaming Rooms:Again, Anime World Chicago has two awesome video game rooms set up for your enjoyment. In the console room, we’ve got the full gambit of consoles from the original Nintendo, forgotten classics like the Dreamcast, and, of course, the modern trinity of Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. Come check out our selection, and if you don’t see a game you want in the machine? Ask our staff, and (if they have it) they’ll gladly swap the game in for you!  And even more exciting is the return of Anime World Chicago’s Free Play Arcade Room! From DDR to Pump it Up, from Mega Man the Power Battles to Marvel vs Capcom 2, from The Simpsons to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, our arcade room has an awesome selection, and, best of all, is FREE! Many thanks to Credits Remaining ( for helping staff and equiping our awesome game rooms!


  • Gaming TournamentsIt’s back! Anime World Chicago’s Console tournaments are back and looking for the best contenders to step up and put their skills to the test. We’re bringing back some old favorites and introducing some new tournaments this year. Get here early enough Friday and put your name in for the Mystery Retro Tournament, where AWC’s tournament makers will challenge you with an old school forgotten hit to see if your skills can truly stand the test of time. Last year, we brought you Chu Chu Rocket…this year? Who knows! Saturday will see a day full of tournaments in our gaming rooms, as we bring you tournaments for Halo Reach, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and even a DDR tournament in our Arcade room’s actual (Free Play!) DDR machine! And lastly, if you’ve still got a bit energy left, there will be a Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium tournament on Sunday morning! Think you’re the best? Then BE THERE!


  • Anime World IdolReady to get up and rock? Think your skills could bring a crowd its feet? Then let’s see you prove it. New this year to Anime World Expos is the Anime World Idol Rock Band 3 Challenge. Our panel of (not-so) expert judges are ready to get blown away by what you and your bandmates bring. But let’s make this clear. This isn’t some talent competition where we boringly count missed notes and judge technical skill. We’ll leave that to other “official” tournaments. This is all about getting up in front of everybody else and rocking out. We’re looking for the people who are going to get up there and have fun, go nuts, and make the crowd laugh, stomp, cheer, and scream for them. We don’t care what difficultly setting you are on, we are here to HAVE FUN! (And I will be disappointed if somebody doesn’t get up there and perform Don’t Stop Believing. Seriously, we can’t let AWI out do us with Living on a Prayer, can we??) Sign up in advance in this thread here in the forums:


  • Tabletop EventsTabletop is back and better than ever. Not only do we have the usual awesome library of games to check out, we also have several awesome events just waiting to be played.Friday will see the return of the Magic the Gathering booster draft tournament, and our resident champion will be on hand to defend his title from last year. We’ll be drafting from the released just this month Core 2013 set! Friday night will see the game room filled with laughter as we host a late night Apples to Apples session. We’ll have multiple boxes of Apples to Apples available, so just come in and jump in a game, and get to know your fellow con goers!Saturday will see the Yu-gi-oh Booster Draft tournament’s return, this time drafting from the Eternal Dawn booster set, a set made JUST made for booster drafts. Come face down your fellow duelist for glory, a trophy, and prizes! And stick around after the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament to catch the back stabbing action as the tabletop room hosts an informal Late Night Munchkin gathering. Many different types of Munchkin will be available so show up with your friends and jump into a game!


  • Mahjong Tournament Ever wonder what that tile based gambling game you always see show up in anime is?  We have an awesome opportunity for you as the local Mahjong club will be hosting a Richi Mahjong tournament in our tabletop room, Friday afternoon, starting at 3PM! All are welcome to come and join or just watch this fascinating game!


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