Monica Rial, Alexis Tipton and Christopher Smith at AWC

AnimeWorld Chicago is proud to welcome industry guests Alexis Tipton, Christopher Smith and Monica Rial to a great weekend here in Rosemont, Illinois.

Tipton and Smith joined us last month at AnimeWorld Indianapolis, and AWC is excited to show Monica Rial what AnimeWorld is all about!The three panelists, all of whom have made exciting and successful voice-acting careers with FUNimation studios, hosted an informative (and oftentimes funny) Q&A panel this afternoon with convention guests.

The panel began with a quick overview of the actors’ experience in the business.

Rial has an outstanding amount of experience in the industry; her voice has been used for more than 250 roles. Her work in the business also includes script writing.

Tipton has been in the voice acting industry for four years. Her voice can be heard on series such as Moka in Rosario + Vampire and Mizuki in Baka and Test.

Smith has had many roles in prominent anime series such as Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Honey and Clover. His most recent work is involved with the critically acclaimed series on Nicktoons, Monsuno, an American anime series written, recorded and produced in America and animated in Japan.

The panelists answered any question attendees asked. One particular question for Rial was about the new Panty and Stocking series and her overall thoughts about it, which Tipton described to Smith as Powerpuff Girls animation loaded with hilarious, inappropriate filth.

Rial said that she actually found the scripts to be funny. She explained her sense of humor and how Panty and Stocking wasn’t shocking for her–in fact, she oftentimes joked in the studio about scenarios that would make Panty and Stocking even funnier and more scandalous! Rial said that its nearly impossible to offend or shock her.

One aspect of voice acting that was particularly interesting was Smith’s explanation of how voice-actors are much more of a community among one another rather than competition. He told a story about how a close colleague and friend told him about an audition that Smith ended up being cast for–a role that his colleague would have been a perfect fit for. However, his colleague simply felt the role was more like Smith and gave him the tip to audition.

The panelists also gave some great tips for aspiring voice actors. Tipton told audience members that even the smallest bits of improv and role-playing can make an impact on your confidence and ability as an actor. Before she began her career voice acting, she told attendees about how she and her friends used to act out the voices while playing video games. Not only did all of them have a blast, but she was able to discover new ways of creating a variety of characters through voices.

So that’s just a sneak peak of some of the great panels that are going on at AnimeWorld Chicago this year. If you couldn’t make it out for Friday’s panels, don’t fret! There are still two days of great panels and tons of opportunities to meet your favorite voice actors. Join us tomorrow at the Hyatt O’Hare in  Rosemont, Illinois!

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